Municipal and Public Agencies Law

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Love and Long, L.L.P. has extensive experience representing public sector clients and handling the multifaceted issues involved in federal, state and municipal government.

We have served as counsel to the U. S. Department of Treasury pursuant to which we performed closing services for the Treasury under its Small Business Lending Program (SBLF Program). Under the SBLF Program, we negotiated and closed over 170 preferred stock, subordinated debt and equity equivalent securities transactions totaling over $2.2 billion in a period of four months. Subsequently, the U.S. Department of Treasury awarded the firm a commendation for outstanding legal services performed under the SBLF Program at a ceremony held at Treasury’s Washington, D.C. headquarters. We have also served as counsel to U.S. Department of Agriculture pursuant to which the firm assists the USDA in its acquisition of permanent easements with rights of access that allow the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to protect, restore, maintain, manage and monitor wetlands. In addition, we have served as chief corporation counsel to several municipal corporations and have represented several local redevelopment entities, school board, planning boards and zoning boards.

During our representation of public sector clients, we have dealt with the numerous issues and transactions, including the issuance of securities, bonds and other instruments, acquisition and disposition of property, public agency governance, open public meetings, government employment issues, tort claims against public agencies, zoning and law use issues, public bids and contracts, ordinances and resolutions adoption, eminent domain and condemnation, relocation, economic development issues, school construction, property tax assessment and appeals, administrative hearings and civil proceedings.

We use our depth of knowledge in public sector law to also assist businesses and entities that do business with public agencies.